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Buila Trail Race 2022

Summer of ’22 will come bearing gifts at Buila Trail Race, where we’ll be running on top of the wonderful mountains alongside our friends from Asociația Sport fără Limite Vâlcea. While the 11K ~ 500m+ elevation Cros is the most suitable race for intermediate athletes and the 19K ~ 1300m+ and the 33K ~ 2700m+

Buila Trail Race 2022

Running while Painting the City

180 Km Beast Race @ Bucovina Ultra Rocks

7 Happy Years of NEZ

New NEZ Grips & Wrist Wraps


The Best Training Method / System


Costin Glavan’s Legacy


NEZ Contribution to Earth’s Health

Online Personal Training – Everything You Need to Know

Wrist Wraps – All You Need to Know

Lifting Straps – All You Need to Know

NEZ ExerciseBOOK

The 5th Edition of Health & Fitness Reinvented Event

At the end of May 2019 we attended the 5th Edition of Health & Fitness Reinvented Event.

The 5th Edition of Health & Fitness Reinvented Event

Romanian International Fitness Convention

How To Solve My Back Pain

Power Band Resistance Training

Resistance training can increase muscle strength, maintain joint flexibility and physical function and reduce joint pain. There are several options to accomplish resistance training including lifting free weights, using strength training machines, using elastic resistance bands and doing bodyweight exercises.

Power Band Resistance Training

Health & Fitness Corporate Event

Health & Fitness Reinvented

I had the honour of being invited as a speaker at the 2nd edition of Health & Fitness Reinvented Event where we discussed the importance of correct posture, the right types exercise routines, nutrition based on your metabolic type, coaching and personal development.

Health & Fitness Reinvented

Hakushin Fighting System – Summer Camp 2018

In early August 2018 we participated in the Hakushin Summer Camp – a 9 day martial arts self defense bootcamp. Placed up in the wild mountains of Valcea, Romania we had an overall extraordinary experience from which we learned and personally grew.

Hakushin Fighting System – Summer Camp 2018

Aqua Challenge

Exercise of imagination

Would you like to be in your best shape? Would you like to lose weight? Contemplate on your body and on your diet. Now imagine your body as if it were a bag. Not a Temple. Imagine a bag from the neck down.

Exercise of imagination

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