7th Birthday

7 Happy Years of NEZ

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Posted on August 14, 2021

August 2021 marks our NEZ 7th anniversary and we are very happy to offer you lots of gifts from now on until December.

Therefore, our first offering to you is a discount code on our Shop NEZ

Use code 7NEZ at checkout and an extra 7% decrease will be automatically added to your total sum.

You can already find your next gifts on our social media platforms – especially on our Instagram @MyGoodNEZ 

Where we already launched 3 giveaways together with our dear trainers.

Furthermore, on our social media pages you will find good quality content and new information on products, services, events and more.

If you want to offer your friends healthy gifts and you’re not very sure what to pick, simply buy them a NEZ Gift Card and use the code. You pay 7% less and your friend receives the full amount in products.

Glad to be of service to you since 2014.

To Your Health & Happiness!

Happy Birthday!