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BEST TRAINING SYSTEM - NEZ Lifting Straps (3) - Health & Fitness Reinvented - COVER
By June 12, 2019

At the end of May 2019 we attended the 5th Edition of Health & Fitness Reinvented Event.

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By January 17, 2019

Resistance training can increase muscle strength, maintain joint flexibility and physical function and reduce joint pain. There are several options to accomplish resistance training including lifting free weights, using strength training machines, using elastic resistance bands and doing bodyweight exercises.

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By September 25, 2018

In early August 2018 we participated in the Hakushin Summer Camp – a 9 day martial arts self defense bootcamp.
Placed up in the wild mountains of Valcea, Romania we had an overall extraordinary experience from which we learned and personally grew.

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By July 25, 2018

Our bravest NEZ athletes conquered the obstacle course race Asaltul Lupilor.
Held in Cernica forest near Bucharest the organizers greeted us with very nice obstacles on the 6 km track and lots of mud, in spite of the very warm and sunny weather.

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By May 15, 2018

NEZ Director of Training and Nutrition Radu Talpos has completed CrossFit Weightlifting Speciality Course organized by CrossFit. The seminar was held in Bucharest at Replay CrossFit. With the help of highly skilled olimpic trainers the Snatch and Clean & Jerk techniques were improved upon.

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online personal training
By October 4, 2017

Do you know how most people invest all of their time and energy in working really hard and feel that they should be further ahead? We’re going to show you how to get good at something worth getting good at because health is more valuable than money. At the end of the day, the best

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