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Costin Glavan’s Legacy

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Posted on March 14, 2021

Although we were surprised to find out that we had many mutual friends, Costin Glavan and I met not so long ago – approximately 5 years ago. Needless to say, we were introduced to one another by a dear friend of ours Iulia — a young sports enthusiast at that point.

After realizing Iulia’s health progress and fitness knowledge I asked for her to arrange us a meeting the next day. Although my fitness experience was pretty vast even at that time, I was impressed by Costin’s knowledge as a coach, a business person and a human being. I immediately felt his martial arts discipline and learned from him the CHEK system integration in health & fitness.

On the other hand, Costin was impressed by the quality and functionality of our NEZ fitness products and immediately integrated many of them in his practices. From there on, a long business partnership transformed in a good friendship.

Unfortunately, many of our future plans and projects never materialized because of the dreadful accident that forced Costin to leave this world way too soon.
We’re sure that Costin is smiling upon us from up above, especially when we chek some more common goals. Meanwhile, architect Iulia is studying at the CHEK Academy, NEZ launched many more new products that he would have loved and Costin was promoted to 6DAN martial artist post-mortem. OSS