- Exercise of imagination

Exercise of imagination

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Posted on August 25, 2018

Would you like to be in your best shape?
Would you like to lose weight?

Contemplate on your body and on your diet.
Now imagine your body as if it were a bag.
Not a Temple.
Imagine a bag from the neck down.

Now throw in it some plastic bags full of chips, some precooked meals and a frozen pizza. Add two large cups of sugar – found in your sweet delights. A large fatty pork steak, fried potatoes & other fast-foods. A month old refrigerated salami and some 3 years to expiration date melted cheese.

Drop loads of foods, stews with sauce, flour, salt, cooking oil, bread and some carbonated soft drinks just for taste.

Now imagine the bag at the end of the day.
How would carrying the bag with you feel like?
Would the bag fuel your health?
How would the bag look like several years in the future?
You have the option to choose which kind of bag you want to carry with you.

Teodora Goloiu