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How To Solve My Back Pain

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Posted on March 7, 2019

Are you in search of physical exercise in order to get rid of your back pain?

Are you confused and don’t know how to start?

What types of movements are recommended for your specific issue / pain?

In order to find out we will have to completely assess your body from a biomechanical standpoint. It is essential to find the causes of your pain before starting to test different training programs.

Globally 70% of people have back pain. Of those that don’t have pain, 72% have an undiagnosed disc herniation, to the complete surprise of medical people.

Therefore, the best solution is to do the complete assessment live in person. This 90 – 120 minutes session consists of over 100 measurements and tests.

Here are some of the tools and instruments that we use: - Cum scapi de durerile de spate

Contact us for details regarding the complete live in person assessment.
Good news for those that cannot come and take the tests and measurements too.
Our partners Costin Glavan and Mihai Argaseala recently launched the Solve My Back Pain online program.
They can assess your posture and recommend the best movements after you send them your pictures.

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