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Posted on March 21, 2021

While NEZ mission is to help inspire people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, Adriana’s experiences inspired us so that we decided to share them with you in this article, hoping that it will help you reach your personal goals faster.

We’ve met Adriana Cojocaru at Bio Terra Med Bucharest clinic, where our colleagues Costin Glavan and Mihai Argaseala were correcting some of her postural and biomechanical imbalances with the help of the CHEK methods and therefore preventing future possible pains or even injuries.

But more info regarding the CHEK system and the possible problems caused by endurance sports in our next articles, as now we want to emphasize Adriana’s inspiring experience at the 180 Km Apuseni Ultra Race.

180 full kilometers of running, walking, climbing and all of this not on an easy straight terrain, but on and around the mighty Apuseni mountains. This is the Red race, the most difficult with a total elevation of 6.590 m. All of this done by Adriana in 40 hours.

Indeed, she is a high-performance person, in both her professional and personal life. She’s leading and managing a team of over 30 people, while raising a child and making time for training. With this being told, she’s also a normal person – not a retired professional sport person, not genetically gifted, she’s working a full-time job and she’s a mother. Therefore, we can assume she lacks free time.

With no prior sports or fitness experience, she started running in 2015. It is undeniable that endurance effort pleasures her both physical and psychological, especially when she overcomes new challenges that allow her to set newer bolder goals. And this is the true realization in any activity – to evolve and to reach new peaks.

We at NEZ, practice functional fitness, cross-training, weightlifting, bodybuilding and martial arts. Therefore, running, especially on long-distances is not pretty high on our preference list. Moreover, any repetitive high volume endurance movement may cause wear and tear on the body. This being said, we want to point out that this kind of sport functioned well for Adriana, thanks to a sound and healthy strategy in preparing for the race and in recovering afterwards. [Details in later articles.]

We did not write this text in order to motivate you to run ultra-marathons, but to make you think about your self-imposed limitations. Maybe one reader that didn’t run before will try jogging a stadium lap and will succeed in doing so. And maybe he or she will fall in love with the feeling of success and will continue to discover new limits.

We wrote this article in order to salute Adriana’s effort and discipline and to motivate her to reach new heights at her next races. First race of 2021 will be the 180 km Beat from Bucovina Ultra Rocks, with a total elevation of 9.600 m.

Wishing her all the best while keeping a close look at her preparation. Godspeed, Adriana!