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Lifting Straps – All You Need to Know

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Posted on December 19, 2019

Lifting straps are fitness accessories that wrap around our wrists, palms and olympic weightlifting bars in order to provide extra-grip strength and to protect our palms.

They are used in sporting activities like olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting & strongman.

Olympic weightlifting athletes use lifting straps only during training sessions – as straps are not allowed in competitions. It is well known the fact that weightlifting training sessions have a high and heavy volume, therefore athletes rely on straps only for safety and palm protection.

If your goal is to increase your own grip or overall strength, you do not have to use lifting straps. You must develop your own strength without any help from lifting accessories.

On the other hand, if your goal is safety and protection during lifts that come natural to you, then use them.

People that have smaller palms and fingers, for example some of the girls can get a lot of help from lifting straps. But either when using straps or not, your natural grip should always be fully activated while executing the movements. Do not rely solely on lifting straps for grip strength.

In a lot of gyms lifting straps are being used incorrectly.

Lifting straps should not be used when hanging from the bar, doing pullups or any other gymnastics movement. There are special gymnastics grips for those kind of movements.

Usually lifting straps are made from a special cotton. This fabric has to be very strong and at the same time somewhat flexible so that the straps can unwrap quickly from your hands when needed.

You can also find leather, synthetic leather and nylon straps. Depending on your sporting activity and preferences these can be more or less useful.

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