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Posted on July 28, 2020

Unfortunately for us all, the start of 2020 brought us a global pandemic that locked down our entire world and made us change or reengineer our daily way of life. In this article we want to address practical solutions to some of our daily problems that we will be facing from now on.

We believe we can all be healthy and happy while inhabiting our planet in a clean and sustainable way. Conversely, we cannot achieve true happiness as individuals if we know that our neighbors from poorer continents are living in infected environments, while drinking poor quality water and breathing polluted air.

Therefore, at NEZ we offer services and manufacture products that help you to increase your health and fitness levels while using safe methods and non- harmful materials with the least impact on the environment. In doing so, the entire ecosystem is protected and local communities that help us in the production process gain health and wealth.

If for our products that are made in Romania, the European Union we can ensure very high-quality standards and safe, secure & hygienic labor conditions, similarly we can rest assured for our Asian made equipment.

Furthermore, for each of our solid wood products made from sustainable harvested Romanian timber treated with eco-friendly non-toxic water-based lacquers, we have decided to plant an extra tree. Therefore, for example, for each Postural Technique Bar sold we will plant a tree. From each adult tree we can produce 500-600 pieces of bars and in the near future we will celebrate alongside our team members and customers our NEZ Forest.

The natural latex from our powerbands is responsibly harvested from rubber tree plants in China and in the process of production there are no dangerous additives.

The natural hemp and organic cotton fibers are harvested and produced with the help of traditional methods from Kashmir region from India and Pakistan. We are aware that Romania has a long history and tradition in the cotton industry and we are constantly looking for local producers to help us equip and dress responsibly.

Our outdoor protection gear and bandanas are made from the most comfortable and thin polyester fibers for the best protection and all the PM 2.5 air filters are high quality certified.

Furthermore, as you know we always loved clean indoors, whether homes, offices or gyms, therefore we are working on the engineering and production of new Healthy Indoor Space products. We can share with you a preview of some of them:

  • Ozone generators
  • Indoor air filters
  • Ozone water filter
  • UV lamps
  • UV mini gadget lamps

Very important and useful products in our healthy and clean day to day life. Most medical personnel have already used and worked with many of them and know their importance. You and your family will love them too.

Author: Radu Talpos

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