NEZ Team

One of the things that we love most about our team is that we get to support people to do the things that inspire them.
When we envision the future, set new goals and decide to work hard to achieve them, we are assisting at the creation of a magical moment.
At NEZ we are committed to help you succeed and we believe that the greatest gifts we can offer is the gift of our full and unconditional attention.
And with the gift of our attention real, long lasting results happen.

NEZ Mission is to Inspire You to Maximize Health, Time & Wealth.

Radu Talpos
Chief Visionary Officer, Head Coach

It is undeniable that after 20+ years of engaging in many different fitness and sporting activities, Radu has accumulated a vast experience and really knows what it takes to design and to live an overall healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Furthermore, during all this entire time he studied nutrition and has even acquired a professional nutritionist certificate. On the one hand, Radu excels in many different training styles such as functional training, HIIT, metabolic conditioning, weightlifting and bodybuilding, but also on the even more complex methods of performance exercise kinesiology, recovery, injury prevention and postural alignment. In addition, he loves functional fitness cross-training and mixed martial arts (especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

Diplomas and certifications

• Scientific Back Training – CHEK Institute
• CrossFit Weightlifting Specialty Course – CrossFit
• Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer – Specialized in Cardio-Fitness, Bodybuilding and Functional Training – MOVE ON
• Nutrition Technician – Fitness Scandinavia School
• Metabolic Effect Holistic Nutrition
• Advanced Functional Training Instructor – MOVE ON
• Kettlebell Ghirasport Instructor – MOVE ON
• Gymnastic Strength Training – Gymnastic Bodies – MOVE ON
• Bulgarian Bag Certification – MOVE ON
• Reiki Level 3
• Vipassana Old Student
• BA in Economic Management – Bucharest Academy of Economics - NEZ Team

Simona Sefter
Resident Advisor, Pharmacist

6+ years of constantly practicing varied and complex functional training, mixed with her vast medical and pharma knowledge recommend Simona as being a real health & fitness teacher. With a passion for healthy, nutritious and delicious foods, for bio ecological supplements and also for ‘external’ nutrition — self-made organic skincare products. She loves metabolic conditioning cross-traning and sporting competitions.

Diplomas and certifications

• Pharmacist – Bucharest “Carol Davila” Medicine & Pharmacy University
• Pedagogy – Bucharest “Carol Davila” Medicine & Pharmacy University
• Dermatology – Bucharest “Carol Davila” Medicine & Pharmacy University
• Pharmacognozie – Bucharest “Carol Davila” Medicine & Pharmacy University - Team - SIMONA

Ioana Greavu
Human Resources, Clinic Psychologist

Her warm & beautiful personality in addition to her vast 1on1 experience with patients, make Ioana the perfect match for you to open up to in order to receive the best strategies to achieve your physical and emotional goals.
She loves children, parents, sports enthusiasts, couch potatoes and everyone in between.

Diplomas and certifications

• Clinical Psychology – Sibiu “Lucian Blaga” University
• Masters in Clinical Psychology, Hypnosis and Short Term Interventions – Bucharest “Titu Maiorescu” University
• Behavioral Therapy Applied to Children with Autism – “Help Autism” Association - Team - IOANA