Running while Painting the City

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Posted on September 15, 2021

We’re very glad to be writing this article to announce the very nice sporting event and our collaboration with Ataraxia association, which will give the city a new artistic look while we’re running and cycling.

We at NEZ love nature and outdoor activities, although we are living in the most crowded city and work mostly in indoor gyms and clinics.

While Bucharest is very well known for its gray dull looks and not so friendly approach to pedestrians, cyclers, runners, bikers, we’re very enthusiastic about Ramnicu Valcea, our childhood town that has evolved much more esthetically in the past 30 years.

Considering that Ataraxia association is planning the VISart [Valcea International Street Art Festival] event, where they will be painting artistic murals on old public buildings in order to emphasize important themes like:

  • “Children Rights”
  • “Recycling and Environmental Protection”
  • “Diversity”
  • “Men & Women Equality”
  • “Poverty”
  • “Family”

NEZ team is a strong advocate for all of the mentioned principles and we are planning to help bring a significant contribution to reaching and solving them.

Therefore, our choice to help VISart while running at Valcea Forest Run 2021 was a no-brainer and if you wish to redirect your registration ticket to our cause follow this link:

If you wish to donate to the cause, follow this link:

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