The Best Training Method / System

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Posted on May 23, 2021

What’s the best training method / system that we’ve found or developed so far?

It is undeniable the fact that after accumulating experience of almost 20 years in different sporting activities, training systems & styles, while constantly learning and testing new theories and applying all the knowledge on hundreds of athletes, clients & patients, you start seeing patterns in the progress and results.

Therefore, after testing several methods and systems in this whole past time, we can clearly choose a few winners. But first, let’s list some of the practiced, tested and implemented programs:

  • Muscle building via the standard bodybuilding protocols of training each body part separately for sets of 8-12 reps of weighted time under tension tempo work, combined, of course with a healthy protein-rich nutrition plan
  • Fat loss via the classic 30’-60’ of fat burning at 60-70% of HRmax walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing, swimming of any single activity, while eating clean and calculating calorie intake
  • Conditioning via high intensity interval training HIIT protocols
  • Functional training and functional bodybuilding
  • Gymnastic strength training and calisthenics
  • Specific individual or team sports
  • Cross training combining all functional training, strength & conditioning at high intensity
  • Corrective exercises and postural alignment
  • Work-in energizing exercises like yoga, tai-chi, breath-work, meditation
  • Recovery protocols like myofascial release, massage, stretching, Feldenkreis, nature grounding, dry or wet sauna, heat & cold exposure and quality sleep

While each individual above mentioned activity may lead to great benefits, we’ve found out that combining parts of them for the specific needs of the athlete speeds up and enhances the positive results. Training program design can be done only after thoroughly assessing the athlete, client or patient.

We always aim to design training, health & lifestyle holistically.  Holistic meaning that we need to analyze every detail in reference to the whole.

Hence, a typical NEZ training program follows these steps:

  1. stretching and foam rolling tense body parts before starting the training session;
  2. aligning posture and balancing sides with specific individual corrective exercises;
  3. general mobilization and specific warm-up;
  4. specific workout;
  5. cool-down & de-tensioning;
  6. recovery, quality rest & healthy nutrition.

In conclusion, ‘specific’ is the key word – for best results, the plan and each & every step has to be personalized.

Author: Radu Talpos, Product Developer, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach.