Wrist Wraps – All You Need to Know

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Posted on March 14, 2020

Fitness wrist wraps are those accessories that come to our help during our workouts, protecting our wrists from the potentially negative impact of certain movements from different sporting activities.

Wrist wraps could be of real use during:

  • Olympic Weightlifting – Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Jerk, Push Press, Strict Press;
  • Gymnastics – Muscle Ups, Ring Muscle Ups, Dips, Pullups, Handstand Walk, Handstand Hold, Flips, Rolls
  • Cross Training & Metabolic Conditioning – Kettlebell Swings, Cleans, Jerks, Snatches, Wall Ball Shots, Handstand Pushups, Overhead Squats, Overhead Lunges;
  • High Velocity Plyometrics – burpees, plyo pushups;
  • Powerlifting & Strongman – Benchpress, Overhead Carry, Throwing Odd Objects

Wrist wraps can also be used during some mixed martial arts circuit routines combining standard MMA moves with fitness exercises such as burpees or rope climbs – where standard long fighting wraps would hinder our performance.

In many commercial fitness centers athletes use wrist wraps during bodybuilding workouts, in movements such as bench presses, biceps curls, triceps extensions, skullcurshers, chin -ups, dips, pushups and many more.

Unfortunately, many amateur athletes use wrist wraps in order to alleviate injury pain or to compensate lack of strength or bad technique. Wrist wraps do not treat or care for our joint / muscle health problems nor do they improve our faulty technique.

They should be used for protection when needed sometimes, but not all the time at every workout session. In addition, wrist wraps should not be used as a fashion accessory.

There are several model types, sizes and tension of wrist wraps and they can be used in different ways. These can be wrapped in many ways in order to help us on the exact movements that we need to do.

Fitness wrist wraps come with a velcro part and a finger loop. Depending on the sport, you can stick the loop around your finger or not.

Some competitions do not allow the use of the finger loop, therefore the wrist wraps are designed to be used with or without the elastic loop. Whether you leave the finger loop outside or you stick it inside the wraps, these will perform the same – they won’t slip off their position.

Author Radu Talpos

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